Utilising Dentures & Veneers in Bristol Explored by The Bristol Dental Practice

Veneers BristolShould you have missing teeth or damaged teeth then this may affect your confidence. This is due to the fact that your smile can be affected and you may not feel happy smiling. You may be wondering about the procedures available to you as well as how you can go about in restoring or replacing missing or damaged teeth. Dentures and veneers are the answer. These cosmetic procedures are designed to protect your teeth from further damage as well as restoring confidence in your smile. In this article, we will discuss the uses of dentures and veneers as well as how the procedure for these are carried out here at The Bristol Dental Practice . If you are looking for dentures in Bristol or feel that you may require veneers in Bristol then visit The Bristol Dental Practice today or give us a call on: 0117 910 5929

Restoring Damaged Teeth – Veneers Bristol

Restoring damaged teeth is important as mentioned as this damage could be affecting your smile. Veneers are very thin shells of porcelain that are permanently bonded to the surface of the affected tooth or teeth. These can be implemented to cover discoloured or stained teeth but can also be used to conceal or repair crooked or miss-aligned teeth. This new veneer feels like a natural tooth and resembles the colour of your tooth. Veneers can also be used to restore damaged teeth which have suffered cracks or chips. The process of adding a veneer only takes two visits to the dentist with one being your initial consultation and the other being the preparation of your tooth and then the veneer being placed onto it. This procedure is a relatively pain free procedure that can restore your teeth as well as make them white.

Dentures in Bristol – Replacing Missing Teeth

Dentures are a solution to missing teeth which can be utilised for cosmetic purposes as well as for the wellbeing of your dental health. Gaps left by missing teeth can cause problems with speech and eating; with some missing teeth eventually affecting your jaw which can weaken the structure of your mouth. Gaps in your teeth can also grow into an angle and this is not ideal for your teeth. Dentures are designed to prevent these problems, allow you to be more comfortable eating whilst also restoring the look of your smile. Conventional bridges involve crowns being placed on teeth either side of the gap. This supports the replacement tooth and allows for this gap to be protected as mentioned. Dentures can then be removed to clean and to keep maintained once they have been added. For a more permanent solution, dental implants can also be used which consist of titanium screws being inserted into the jaw. Titanium integrates with bone and these can be used to support and artificial replacement. This is a more advanced method offering a strong base for which the artificial tooth can then be inserted.

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Dentures BristolNobody deserves to have a lack of confidence in their smile and this is how veneers and dentures can help you with this. Veneers can be implemented if you have issues with miss-aligned, crooked or damaged teeth in order to protect them from further damage and restore your tooth. Dentures are a viable solution to missing teeth as in time; missing teeth can cause structural damage to your mouth and jaw. For a more permanent solution, dental implants can also be used to seal onto the affected jaw and protect your mouth when you are eating and speaking. Here at The Bristol Dental Practice , our team are highly experienced and have looked after many patients around Bristol for many years. Should you be looking for a dentist in Bristol then our expert team are more than happy to help you restore your smile. If you require a veneer in Bristol or if you are looking for a dentist near me in Bristol then ensure that you visit the The Bristol Dental Practice today or give us a call now on: 0117 910 5929