Children's Orthodontics

Like in other fields of dentistry, timely orthodontic treatment enables less invasive and more efficient intervention. As braces can be a commitment of two years or more, there may be an opportunity to avoid inconvenience with a shorter treatment plan for your child.

The best chance a child has of addressing problems with their bite and teeth position efficiently is to be assessed by a specialist orthodontist before all of their second teeth have come through. Even if it turns out that no treatment is necessary, it’s still best for us to check your child’s teeth and see how their teeth are developing, just to be sure.

Children’s Orthodontics

Benefits of Children's Orthodontics at
The Bristol Dental Practice

  • be treated by a specialist orthodontist who is experienced with young patients
  • receive the most efficient, least invasive treatment possible
  • choose from ceramic braces, Invisalign for kids, which is an interventional treatment for children aged six or seven, Invisalign for teens or traditional fixed metal braces
  • mix and match colours with fixed braces

The sooner the better

About a third of children can benefit from orthodontic treatment, yet many parents wait for their child to become eligible for NHS braces, and the long waiting list delays treatment even further. Our consultant orthodontist Mr Scott Deacon treats children with specific issues relating to cleft lips and palates from a very young age, and he welcomes referrals from general dentists and parents who have concerns about the development of their children’s teeth.

First steps

We make an extra special effort to build rapport with our younger patients and get to know them before beginning the clinical assessment. The specialist orthodontist will then gently examine how the child’s teeth are developing, taking an x-ray to identify any teeth that are missing or are not growing through in appropriate positions. At this point we will advise whether treatment is necessary to improve the bite and the appearance of the teeth and decide on the best timing for the treatment.

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Colourful braces

Traditional fixed braces attached to the outside of your teeth are a great way to obtain a straight smile, if you don’t mind being seen wearing them. Luckily most children have no problem with that — in fact, braces have become a bit of a fashion accessory, which probably has something to do with kids changing the colour of their orthodontic bands each time they have them tightened.

They will need their brace adjusted every month or two during treatment so there’s plenty of opportunity for experimentation with over 30 colours to choose from and, of course, going back to plain old white or silver whenever they want.

Children’s Orthodontics

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Children’s OrthodonticsChildren’s Orthodontics
Children’s OrthodonticsChildren’s Orthodontics
Children’s Orthodontics

Referrals for Children's Orthodontics

We’re always happy to receive referrals for any of our dental services, we treat routine to very complex cases and we also help extremely nervous patients who require sedation in order to access dental treatment.