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Rob Endicott

Dr Rob Endicott

Dentist (GDC No: 73516)


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    Special interest in sedation

For over 15 years Rob has performed sedation thousands of times for nervous patients receiving dentistry. Having retired from clinical dentistry in 2018, he now solely works on sedation for patients receiving dentistry across the UK, supporting dentists as they provide anxiety free care for their patients.

Rob says: “Over the years I have seen the lives of patients improve radically by being able to receive the dental care they so desperately need, thanks to the comfort and ease which sedation provides. People suffer for so many years, coping with regular pain and growing anxiety until they believe it’s too late. With modern techniques like full mouth implant treatment being performed under sedation, patients really can get their smile back, thereby regaining their confidence. It’s a privilege to be involved with their care and facilitate this life changing process.”

Rob Endicott
Rob Endicott

Many people have a needle phobia as well as a dental phobia, and for these patients Rob can use a technique called intranasal sedation, where a sedative is inhaled. This can provide deep relaxation and feelings similar to intravenous sedation.

If you want to make your dentistry a more pleasant, shorter and less worrying experience, please talk to us by calling 0117 910 5929 and ask about how sedation can help you.