Specialist Dental Services

Specialist Dental Services

Complex dental issues need specialist skills to resolve, skills normally beyond the ability of a general dental practitioner. Our patients have access to all these specialist skills under one roof — a major advantage in planning and treating complex multi-disciplinary cases. Specialist dentists must undergo several years of further training, hands on experience and examinations before they are accredited with the Specialist title in their field, which means they have a greater degree of diagnostic and clinical ability than general dental practitioners.

Specialist Dental Services

Oral Biopsy

Oral biopsies are usually recommended if your dentist has noticed a lesion or another irregularity in your mouth. They are a vital tool to diagnose oral diseases and protect your oral health. This specialist service at The Bristol Dental Practice prevents the need for you having to be referred to a hospital. Avoiding lengthy waiting times and importantly, providing convenience, peace of mind and a faster diagnosis.

Restorative dentistry

Restoring the health of teeth and gums after damage or disease is critical to ongoing oral health. In cases where teeth are lost or damaged, replacing them with artificial teeth or restoring them to their original shape ensures that your bite and smile do not suffer any negative knock-on effects.


If you have crooked, crowded or protruding teeth and you want to straighten them, orthodontic treatment is for you. This discipline uses nimble appliances to apply gentle pressure to your teeth to encourage them to move into more ideal positions. As well as boosting your self-confidence, straighter teeth are easier to keep clean which benefits both your oral hygiene and oral health.


Treating gum disease and gum recession, as well as problems with the soft tissue and bone around a dental implant, all fall within the scope of periodontics. This discipline can also offer cosmetic treatments such as gum resculpting (shaping the gum tissue to achieve a more balanced look) and gum grafting (using soft tissue from the roof of the mouth to create fuller gums) to cover recession around teeth and/or implants.


When the interior of the teeth become infected through disease or damage, they can be painful and sensitive. Endodontics (such as root canal treatment) specialises in saving these teeth, leaving them pain-free and functional.


Prosthodontics draws from a range of modern materials and techniques to seamlessly repair or replace damaged, worn or missing teeth. Familiar treatments such as crowns, veneers and dentures fall into this category and we offer the full range of options to suit our patients’ individual needs. Even the most complex cases can be successfully treated with full mouth rehabilitation — a process that draws from all aspects of prosthodontics to restore patients’ smiles in spite of multiple missing and/or extensively damaged teeth.

Dental implants

Undoubtedly the ultimate solution for missing teeth, dental implants look and feel like real teeth and, with care, can last a lifetime. Implants are versatile and can be used for single or multiple teeth, even full arches.

Oral surgery

When teeth are impacted (common in wisdom teeth, for example), removing them may be the most appropriate treatment option. Extraction is also sometimes necessary in teeth that have been severely damaged by disease (decay or gum disease). Removing teeth is not always straightforward but our team has the experience to treat even the most complicated cases.


Many patients have anxiety when considering receiving dental treatment. Conscious intravenous sedation enables extremely nervous patients to receive the treatment they need without anxiety and without unpleasant memories or ill effects.

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Referrals for specialist dental services

We’re always happy to receive referrals for any of our dental services, we treat routine to very complex cases and we also help extremely nervous patients who require sedation in order to access dental treatment.

Specialist Dental Services