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Hygienist - Gum Disease

It’s estimated that nine out of 10 adults in the UK have at least some degree of gum disease. What many people don’t realise is that as well as being the leading cause of tooth loss, gum disease is also associated with an increased risk of other serious health conditions such as heart disease and strokes.

Hygienist – Gum Disease

Benefits of hygiene services at
The Bristol Dental Practice

  • We have a hugely experienced team of five dental hygienists and therapists led by our specialist periodontist, Dr Joel Thomas
  • The depth of our team’s knowledge and skills means that your dental hygiene and oral health are in the best possible hands
  • We use air polishing technology to quickly and gently remove stains from your teeth
  • Your hygienist will offer advice individually tailored to you to get the best from your oral care routine

What does a hygienist do?

Dental hygienists remove plaque from your teeth and around your gum line via a procedure called scaling and polishing. In the scaling phase, your hygienist will carefully remove any plaque deposits using handheld instruments before polishing your teeth (we use air polishing technology) to leave a fresh, clean and healthy feel and appearance.

Why visit the hygienist?

A good standard of twice daily tooth brushing is essential for the maintenance of your oral health but is not enough on its own to minimise the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. No matter how well you brush, plaque will inevitably accumulate in areas that you struggle to reach and remove. Only by regularly visiting a hygienist can you ensure that these build ups of plaque are removed before they progress to become a more serious problem.

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Why is it so important to remove

Plaque accumulates in sticky films, trapping bacteria. When you eat sugary foods, these bacteria produce acids that attack your teeth, eventually eating through the enamel and leading to tooth decay. Plaque build up can also lead to gum disease, initially gingivitis, characterised by swollen, bleeding gums, then (if left untreated) periodontitis, when the gums come away from the teeth, producing deep pockets around them that eventually lead to loose teeth, which may be lost.

What to expect from an appointment with our hygienists and therapists

If you are a new patient then your initial appointment will be more involved than a routine one, as we get to know you and establish the current health of your teeth and gums. This appointment lasts 60 minutes which is double the time of a routine visit.

Your first 60 minute appointment will cost £155, but subsequent appointments will last 30 minutes and cost £78.

Benefits of regular hygiene appointments at The Bristol Dental Practice

  • Keep your mouth clean and healthy
  • Remove plaque and tartar that you can’t reach on your own
  • Drastically reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease
  • Remove stains from teeth with air polishing
  • Individually tailored advice on your everyday oral hygiene routine
Hygienist – Gum DiseaseHygienist – Gum Disease