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Dental Treatments Abroad: Do you know the risks?

Dental tourism is on the rise as more people look to create their perfect smile on a budget – but are you aware of the differences and the risks of choosing to have cheaper dental treatment abroad?

At The Bristol Dental Practice, we have a large experienced team including 13 dentists which allows us to cover all the treatment modalities that patients are looking for. More recently this includes patients who have sought out dental treatments abroad, only to later find themselves in need of our care having corrective treatment due to shortcuts and quick fixes with their original procedures.

Patients come to us from Bristol and from further afield because they like the fact that we can offer every treatment modality in-house. Very much like a hospital, we have a highly-skilled, multidisciplinary team where complex cases will be looked after by 5 or 6 dentists. The same team considers medical history and lifestyle factors for optimum long-term results. Shortcuts and quick fixes are never an option. This is why so many people place their trust in us.

If you are considering dental treatment overseas in Turkey, Hungary, India, Asia or South America, to name a few popular dental tourism destinations, be sure to weigh up all the risks against the benefits before making your decision.

Turkey Teeth

Watch this video from our Principal Jonathan Cochrane, on the topic, he describes the risks, as well as some recent cases, then read on for more information.

Pay cheap, pay twice

More often than not, if something seems too good to be true, it is – and with the promise of free transfers, hotel stays and a new smile all costing less than it would be to have just the treatment in the UK – there has to be a compromise somewhere.

Although it isn’t the case for every dental clinic abroad, often, if the price is discounted, it comes at a cost:

  • Facilities, equipment and material are not up to UK standards.
  • Hygiene standards and infection control.
  • Less trained and experienced dentists providing treatment.
  • Time spent on assessments and understanding of medical history.
  • Painful procedures.
  • Continuity of care including follow-up assessments and resolving complications.
  • Insurance and protection when treatment goes wrong.

You can have good treatment and bad treatment abroad

The lure of cheaper dentistry overseas can be irresistible, but the responsibility lies with you to do as much research as possible beforehand.

Prestigious dental clinics across the world, providing high-quality treatments will often have prices similar to those found here in the UK. Esteemed global experts in dentistry grace our forums and lecture circuits, holding prestigious positions in renowned clinics across the world. Regrettably, the overseas dental establishments most frequented by individuals tend to be budget-oriented clinics. In essence, such treatments are synonymous with affordability and rapidity rather than being at the forefront of quality.

The reality is you can have good treatment abroad and you can have bad treatment abroad. Unfortunately, in our experience, the dental work we’ve seen from patients returning from abroad hasn’t been to a good standard.

Things do sometimes go wrong. A badly placed implant, a poor-quality crown or a veneer can mean that you require further corrective treatment. Going back to the overseas dentist will mean extra costs of travel and accommodation.

Exposure to unnecessary procedures

We have seen it many times, where unnecessary, premature and irreversible treatments are carried out for a “quick fix” result. This often includes the removal of healthy teeth or the fitting of unnecessary implants. Often leading to painful treatments later on that could have been avoided altogether.

Can you afford to have the treatment redone should it fail?

We appreciate how expensive comprehensive treatments like crowns, veneers and dental implants may seem, but can you put a price on your health? Whilst we accept that you can get some excellent, long-lasting dental treatments abroad, if you choose a budget option the risks outweigh the benefits.

Opting for treatment here in the UK can ensure that if something were to go wrong, you are protected under UK law to claim medical negligence. This right is lost once you opt for treatment abroad.

See one of our recent cases,
Before and after

Turkey TeethTurkey Teeth
Turkey TeethTurkey Teeth

This patient initially considered traveling to Turkey for dental work. However, a fellow colleague, who had undergone a similar treatment at The Bristol Dental Practice and was delighted with their new smile, recommended our services.

During our consultations, we thoroughly assessed the patient’s suitability for various treatment options, took their financial situation into account, considered their personal preferences, and ultimately decided on restoring his mouth and smile with crowns and bridges, as opposed to implants.

This choice was not only cost-effective but also quicker and less invasive.

After a few months of treatment, the patient now enjoys a fully restored mouth with pristine white crowns and bridges. This transformation has not only improved his dental function but has also greatly enhanced his appearance and confidence (for the first time in his adult life!) and we are pleased to say that he is overjoyed with the results.

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Speak to us first if you are considering dental treatment overseas

Our highly experienced dentists and specialists provide quality care that you can trust.

If you are tempted to go overseas for cut-price treatment, before you consider putting your trust in a foreign dental clinic, discuss your primary issues concerning you about your teeth and oral health with us. Considering travel and transport costs, hotel stays, and repeat visits, it can be cheaper and more convenient to have treatment here in the UK.

Free ‘no obligation’ consultations are available with our treatment coordinator if you would like to chat through your options first before booking a clinical consultation.

If you have already had dental treatment overseas and need a UK dentist

Many UK dentists find themselves apprehensive, both legally and medically, engaging with patients who have undergone treatment elsewhere.

If you have had dental treatment abroad and are unhappy with the results or living in pain, get in contact, we will see if we can help you.