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Lip Fillers

Many people feel that their lips are thinner or less full than they desire. It’s a known fact that our lips get thinner as we age due to our bodies reducing the production of key proteins which add volume to them. Lip fillers have in recent years attracted a lot of attention (as well as some controversy) as numerous well known celebrities and models have used them as a way to create an exaggerated pout effect. This as an extreme look, but the treatment is equally as capable of producing far more subtle, natural looking results.

Lip Fillers

Benefits of lip fillers at
The Bristol Dental Practice

  • Give your lips a fuller, more youthful boost
  • Boost your confidence and feel more attractive
  • Ensure that your treatment is provided in a sterile and safe environment from our trained dentist
  • We can help you correct past filler treatment that has gone wrong or been performed incorrectly
  • We will only offer safe treatment and reserve the right to refuse treatment in cases where there are ethical or psychological concerns

What are lip fillers?

Fillers are injectable agents used to fill out areas of the face and skin. The agent we use is hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in the human body and that will be broken down over time. Filler treatment is not regulated in the UK and hyaluronic acid is available without prescription — anybody can offer lip filler treatment. However, only by opting for treatment with a trained dentist well versed in the facial anatomy and facial injections (like a dentist or doctor) can you ensure that your treatment is safe and administered competently. There are ethical considerations also, as we would not perform irresponsible treatment which could produce exaggerated and unnatural looking results.

How do lip fillers work?

Fillers add volume to the lips and support them to appear fuller. Lip fillers can be applied in two ways: the agent can be injected into the mass of the lips to enhance the pout or applied around the edges of the lips to give a more subtle effect. For most people, fillers applied around the edges of lips provide the most natural looking effect.

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What to expect

  • We only perform filler treatments on patients over 18 years of age
  • 30-minute consultation with our dentist Mariya Godsafe, who will discuss what effect you want to achieve, enquire about your medical history, and advise on treatment
  • Treatment will be completed in just one visit and the effects are immediate
  • There may be some discomfort during treatment from the injections. You may want to have a numbing cream applied before your treatment. There may be some tenderness and inflammation after your treatment, but this will settle down after a few days
  • Lip fillers typically last around six months
  • You can ‘top up’ when the effects of your treatment begin to wear off

Procedure time

30-45 minutes

Back to work

same day



Full recovery

1-2 days

Duration of result

6-9 months



See some of our cases,
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Lip FillersLip Fillers
Lip FillersLip Fillers
Lip FillersLip Fillers
Lip FillersLip Fillers
Lip FillersLip Fillers
Lip FillersLip Fillers