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Enlighten Teeth Whitening

If you want a brighter finish and you are prepared to undergo treatment over a longer period of time, Enlighten can whiten teeth by up to 16 shades and it is the treatment many celebrities turn to.

It is a leading brand in tooth whitening and guarantees the whitest natural shade with minimal sensitivity. It’s a combination of home and chair side whitening, great for people who have tried whitening with minimal results, people who grind their teeth and those who have grey looking teeth, perhaps due to tetracycline staining.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening

Benefits of Enlighten treatment at
The Bristol Dental Practice

  • Can whiten teeth by up to 16 shades
  • Millions of cases treated successfully worldwide
  • Long lasting effects
  • Involves you in your whitening treatment

How does Enlighten work?

Enlighten uses a combination of in-clinic and at-home treatment. Like Zoom, Enlighten uses hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth. The first step will be to visit us to have impressions made of your teeth from which a set of bespoke flexible appliances will be made for you. For the next two weeks, before you go to bed, you will apply a special serum to the appliances and wear them while you sleep. At the end of your treatment you will have an appointment with us to complete the treatment.

Why is Enlighten a good choice?

  • Enlighten is effective and reliable: it’s the only system guaranteed to whiten your teeth by up to 16 shades
  • Enlighten is safe: the treatment is not damaging to tooth enamel and has a proven track record
  • The effects are long lasting: your results can last as long as five years and you can top up when you want to at home

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What to expect from your treatment
with Enlighten

During your treatment you will have to stay away from staining drinks such as red wine and coffee, as well as highly staining foods such as curry. Even after treatment, it would be advisable to initially minimise these kinds of staining agents in your diet to ensure your results last a long time. Unfortunately, Enlighten will not whiten any artificial teeth or restorations such as veneers or crowns. However, these restorations can be replaced for the correct shade after your whitening treatment has finished to match seamlessly with your new smile.

Enlighten is a premium product, used only by leading dental practices worldwide. We currently offer whitening with Enlighten for £699.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening

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Enlighten Teeth WhiteningEnlighten Teeth Whitening
Enlighten Teeth WhiteningEnlighten Teeth Whitening
Enlighten Teeth WhiteningEnlighten Teeth Whitening