Advanced Dentistry

Advanced Dentistry

When dental issues become more complex, they require more specialised skills to treat. Most general dental practitioners concentrate on doing a broad spectrum of basic treatments well and refer more challenging cases to outside specialists. This is not the case with us. Because we have a large multi-disciplinary team, we have the specialist skills and experience to treat any dental problem to the highest standard of clinical care in-house.

Advanced Dentistry

Benefits of advanced dentistry at
The Bristol Dental Practice

  • Treats and resolves the most complex dental problems
  • Creates life-changing new smiles
  • Boosts patients’ confidence and exceeds their expectations
  • Performed to the highest level of skill and clinical excellence

What treatments fall under advanced dentistry?

Advanced dentistry includes some treatments falling under broader categories, as well as individual specialised treatments (or suites of treatments):

  • Dental implants: dental implants are the ultimate solution to tooth loss, negating many of the issues associated with other solutions like bridges and dentures. Our principal dentist Dr Jonathan Cochrane is the youngest person ever to qualify with an MSc in Dental Implantology and his skills are second to none. The dental implant team is completed by Dr Devin Vaghela ,who collectively have placed over 5,000 implants. No case is too complex for our dental implant team
  • Cosmetic dentistry: all general dental practices will include elements of cosmetic dentistry in their treatment range. However, the quality of work may vary and you can be sure that with us you will be offered a comprehensive range of treatments delivered to the highest standard. We also offer Digital Smile Design, an advanced treatment package that draws from all aspects of dentistry and integrates the latest dental technology to design and create a brand new smile
  • Orthodontics: orthodontic treatment is not usually offered by general dental practices and patients who need orthodontic treatment are referred to specialists. Our team’s clinical director is consultant orthodontist Mr Scott Deacon, who offers a full range of orthodontic treatment — no case is too complex
  • Conscious sedation: conscious sedation gives especially nervous patients the opportunity to have the dental treatment they need without undue distress. Dental practitioners able to offer conscious sedation are not common and the procedures can only be performed by qualified individuals. Our principal dentist Dr Jonathan Cochrane is both qualified and highly skilled in this discipline
  • Periodontal treatments: periodontal treatment includes treating severe gum disease as well as performing treatments that sculpt and/or enhance the gumline, such as crown lengthening and soft tissue grafting. We have a specialist periodontist in our team, Dr Joel Thomas
  • Extractions: extractions are usually straightforward but unfortunately some teeth can be more challenging to remove and may require oral surgery. However, we can perform any extraction, from the routine to the most challenging
Advanced Dentistry

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Advanced Dentistry

Referrals for advanced dentistry

We’re always happy to receive referrals for any of our dental services, we treat routine to very complex cases and we also help extremely nervous patients who require sedation in order to access dental treatment.