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Mariya Godsafe

Dr Mariya Godsafe

Dentist (GDC No: 251794)


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    Special interests in Cosmetic Dentistry, Smile Makeovers and Minimally Invasive Dentistry
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    Special interests in Invisalign and Facial Aesthetics
Mariya Godsafe

Mariya graduated from the University of Bristol in 2014. Having spent 5 years working in Oxfordshire, she returned to Bristol and joined The Bristol Dental Practice in 2019. Notably, in 2022 Mariya won ‘Best Young Aesthetic Dentist’ in the Clinical Dentistry Awards and was also a finalist at both the Private Dentistry and Aesthetic Dentistry Awards.

She has completed numerous postgraduate training programmes covering a range of topics in the field of Functional Cosmetic Restorative Dentistry to allow her to offer the best holistic dental care for her patients. So far, she has obtained a Certificate in Cosmetic Dentistry with Advanced Dental Seminars, a Certificate in Functional Occlusion training with the Dawson Academy in Restorative Dentistry and also completed Invisalign training.

Mariya enjoys treating patients with tooth wear, which is becoming a more common problem due to our modern erosive diets and teeth grinding; employing minimally invasive restorative techniques like gentle whitening, additive composite bonding and minimally invasive crown restorations ‘Onlays’. Mariya likes educating her patients in how to break the cycle of tooth damage and preventing further wear through adjustment of bite issues, repairing the existing wear and getting into a healthy maintenance regime which is often all that is needed to maintain a healthy, stable bite and smile.

Mariya Godsafe
Mariya Godsafe

She was inspired to undertake further training in administering BOTOX® to alleviate jaw muscle pain as a result of tooth clenching & grinding. Mariya herself, having suffered from headaches and muscle tension as a result of tooth clenching, had this treatment along-side a muscle relaxing night guard; she is keen to help other patients suffering from jaw pain and tension headaches. In keeping with her holistic approach to medical care, Mariya undertook comprehensive training at the Bob Khana training institute learning the skills of administering BOTOX® in the management of fine lines/wrinkles and jaw muscle pain. She is also trained to administer dermal filler to augment soft tissue plumpness.

In her personal life, Mariya enjoys being in the great outdoors – whether that be hiking, running, or skiing.

If you would like to discuss your potential treatment with Mariya via Zoom, please email [email protected]