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The field of dental technology is constantly moving forward, offering innovations to make treatment quicker and easier. At The Bristol Dental Practice we believe in making full use of the latest technology to increase the precision and efficiency of our treatments and make the processes involved as swift and easy for you as possible.

Most of the technology used within modern dentistry functions to create accurate images of oral anatomy quickly while minimising the need to take messy dental impressions.



We use a range of advanced dental scanning technology:

  • Digital radiographs/X-rays: work in the same manner as film X-rays, allowing us to see inside the structure of your teeth and gums. With digital technology, however, the information and imagery is transferred to a computer screen rather than traditional film. Digital radiographs also use up to 90% less radiation than a regular film X-ray, making them safer for you
  • Intra-oral scanner: saves time by completely digitising the impression-making process. Intra-oral scanners (IOS) enable us to form reliable, accurate impressions of your teeth and gums. They also allow us to show you the impression on a computer screen, giving you a visual aid to better understand your treatment
  • CBCT scanning: CBCT stands for cone beam computed tomography, which is used to provide accurate 3D images of dental structures, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone all in just one scan. CBCT technology is not our routine imaging method (as the radiation exposure is higher than a digital dental X-ray) however, it is invaluable when more comprehensive clinical information is required to plan certain treatments

Other technology

  • As well as digital scanning technology, we also use digital imaging (such as photographs and video). A good example of where we would employ these techniques is in Digital Smile Design, a multi-treatment process in which we transform your smile to your personal desires and preferences. In the early stages, we use computer software to digitally manipulate images of your face and smile to demonstrate how different treatments could work for you
  • Our clinicians also frequently use microscope technology in their work. Powerful microscopes with the highest quality glass lenses enable them to be meticulously precise

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Benefits of dental technology at
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  • Makes treatment more predictable and efficient
  • Saves you time
  • Improves safety
  • Is minimally invasive
  • Allows your dentist to visually explain how your treatment will work