Invisible Braces

Do you want to straighten your teeth discreetly? Although fixed metal braces offer consistently predictable and beautiful results, they are a highly visible presence in your mouth. Ceramic braces go a long way to reducing the noticeable visual impact but, for many patients, these appliances are still too conspicuous.

Invisible Braces

Benefits of invisible braces at
The Bristol Dental Practice

  • Get life changing results discreetly
  • Boost your confidence with beautiful straight teeth
  • Straight teeth are much easier to keep clean
  • Reduce your risk of oral health problems like tooth decay and gum disease
  • Free 30-minute consultation with one of our treatment coordinators
  • Treatment with Mr Scott Deacon, a respected consultant orthodontist

What are invisible braces?

Invisible braces are not strictly ‘invisible’ but they are very inconspicuous. In everyday social interactions, these appliances will often go unnoticed. We offer two types of invisible braces:

  • Removable aligners: these are clear plastic appliances moulded to apply force to your teeth to move them over time. They are discreet when worn and will go unnoticed most of the time. These appliances are exchanged at regular intervals to keep the teeth moving in the intended direction. We offer three types of clear removable plastic aligners:
  • Invisalign: the most well known clear aligner system, with millions of cases treated worldwide. Invisalign is excellent for treating less complex cases. That is not to say that the Invisalign system is not capable of treating complex cases, but there are likely to be other treatments that are better suited. If, however, you have a complex case and feel strongly that Invisalign is the treatment for you, our consultant orthodontist Mr Scott Deacon will work with you on this. Treatment time usually lasts between six and 24 months
  • Inman Aligners invisible braces: a quick solution specially designed to correct crowding and/or protruding of the front teeth. Most treatments take only six to 16 weeks — remarkably fast for orthodontics
  • Clear Smile invisible braces: designed to treat crowding and misalignment of the front eight teeth; suitable for either the top and/or bottom arches
  • Fixed lingual braces: an advanced orthodontic treatment which requires specialist skills. Lingual braces are structurally similar to fixed metal braces but use brackets bonded to the rear surface of the teeth rather than the front. This system is suited to treating any complexity of correction very discreetly. Attaching brackets to the rear of teeth is technically difficult and, as a result, treatment with lingual braces is more costly than standard fixed braces

What to expect from treatment with invisible braces

If you have a removable appliance, you will be advised to wear it at all times when not eating, cleaning your teeth or doing something that could damage the appliance (like contact sports). If you have lingual braces, you will need to take extra care with your daily oral care to keep them clean. At the conclusion of treatment, you will need to wear a retainer nightly.


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Invisible Braces

Referrals for Invisible Braces

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