Specialist Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatments can be a relatively costly investment, therefore it’s sensible for patients to want to get their treatment right the first time and avoid the need for any corrective measures later on. The aim should never simply be beautiful aesthetics — cosmetic results are obviously important, but they must be sustainable, which means moving the teeth to positions in which they remain protected and healthy in the long term.

Specialist Orthodontics

Benefits of a specialist orthodontist at
The Bristol Dental Practice

  • Receive an in-depth assessment and diagnosis
  • Better diagnosis means a better long-term outcome
  • Choose from a full range of orthodontic systems
  • Mr Scott Deacon is a consultant specialist orthodontist, more skilled and experienced in complex cases than normal specialist orthodontists
  • Beautiful aesthetic results in collaboration with our other dentists

Deeper diagnosis

Being assessed, diagnosed and treated by a specialist orthodontist is the gold standard for this type of work. A clinical assessment with a specialist orthodontist is quite a lengthy process and a detailed discussion will take place with the patient before a careful recommendation for treatment is made.

The diagnostic ability of a specialist orthodontist is quite unlike that of a general dentist because they must gain experience in all fields of dentistry before embarking on a minimum of three years further postgraduate training.

More experience and training

Once they join the General Dental Council’s specialist register they only ever work with orthodontic cases, which means their specialist experience grows exponentially. Part of their training is around understanding the mechanics of the bite and the jaw in depth, which enables them to diagnose problems and create individual solutions that suit the patient’s mouth, because every mouth is different.

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Skilled in all orthodontic

Specialist orthodontists can work flexibly by being skilled in using a range of orthodontic appliances, and designing treatment plans with all of these systems. This means they can approach each clinical case creatively and offer every patient a carefully considered treatment plan that elegantly balances their aesthetic and functional requirements.


Specialist orthodontists take an evidence-based approach to their work, with an independent view on what is best for their patients, rather than relying on manufacturer diagnostic systems that may be restricted in their scope. Where they do recommend branded systems such as Invisalign, their patients can be sure that it is the most appropriate system for their treatment. This may not always be the case when receiving orthodontic treatment from a general dentist because they are not skilled across a range of systems and have limited diagnostic capability.

Consultant specialist

Orthodontic patients here are treated by Mr Scott Deacon, a specialist orthodontist who has completed an additional two years of training to become a consultant. This extra training enables clinicians to work with multi-disciplinary cases, complex bite arrangements and orthodontic patients needing surgery.

No case too

It takes a total of 13 years training to become an orthodontic consultant. Mr Deacon trains other dentists to become specialist orthodontists, and he receives referrals of the most complex cases from other dentists. His patients can be confident that he will give them all the clinical options available and then personally manage anything that occurs during treatment.

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Specialist OrthodonticsSpecialist Orthodontics
Specialist OrthodonticsSpecialist Orthodontics

Referrals for specialist orthodontics

We’re always happy to receive referrals for any of our dental services, we treat routine to very complex cases and we also help extremely nervous patients who require sedation in order to access dental treatment.

Specialist Orthodontics