Facial Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics

Do you look in the mirror and feel that your face is starting to look tired even when you aren’t? Do you have a special occasion coming up but feel worried that your lack of confidence in your appearance will mean that you won’t enjoy it? If you feel like your skin needs a boost and an injection of youthful vigour, facial aesthetics can give you what you are looking for.

Facial Aesthetics

What treatments do we offer?

  • Botox (anti-wrinkle therapy): this prescription only medicine may only be recommended where appropriate following a facial skin consultation
  • Dermal fillers: add volume and support to the skin from underneath. Dermal fillers flesh out areas of the face that have lost youthful volume
  • Lip fillers: another well known treatment, lip fillers add volume to the lips for a range of effects

Our Facial Aesthetics Treatments

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What is Facial Aesthetics?

Facial aesthetics (FA) is a term for a suite of safe, non-surgical cosmetic skin treatments used to give the appearance of younger skin. This is achieved by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, by adding volume and encouraging the skin to produce collagen. Some of these treatments are very well known: Botox, for example.


Why have Facial Aesthetics treatment
at a dental practice?

Dental practitioners are well trained in facial anatomy and administering facial injections. They also adhere to CQC regulations and are trained in aseptic procedure. In other countries in Europe, only medical professionals like doctors and dentists can offer facial aesthetics treatment.

Here at The Bristol Dental Practice, facial aesthetics treatments are performed by our dentist Mariya Godsafe. As well as her comprehensive dental training, Mariya has completed further advanced training across a wide range of facial aesthetic treatments.

Who can offer Facial Aesthetics?

Health professionals can offer and administer treatments like dermal fillers. Hyaluronic acid, the agent used for fillers, is not regulated in this country, although the enzyme that breaks it down (hyaluronidase) is. Botox is only available by prescription from a UK registered healthcare professional.

Benefits of Facial Aesthetics

  • 30-minute consultation with our dentist Mariya Godsafe
  • Give your skin and your confidence a boost
  • Ensure your treatment is safe and right for you with us
  • Our skilled demtist Mariya will make sure you get the effect you want

  • Look great for a special occasion
  • Stimulate your skin to produce proteins that give it youthful volume
Facial Aesthetics