When May You Need Teeth Whitening? Discussed by The Bristol Dental Practice

If you feel tTeeth Whitening Cost Bristolhat discolouration of your teeth is causing issues with your confidence then you are not alone. There are many individuals that feel that they are not happy with their smile as their teeth have become discoloured over time or that they are not as white as they used to be. Some may not have had white teeth to begin with and wish to have a pearly white smile. Nobody deserves to be unhappy with their smile and this is why the best teeth whitening procedures have been perfected over time to the procedure that is widely available today. In this article, we will discuss the ways in which your teeth may have become discoloured as well as how our teeth whitening procedure can help restore your teeth to a bright white colour or to make your teeth many shades brighter. If you are looking for the best teeth whitening in Bristol or if you are looking for teeth whitening in Bristol then ensure that you visit The Bristol Dental Practice today or give us a call on: 0117 910 5929

What Causes Teeth Discolouration?

Teeth discolouration can be caused by a range of substances such as red wine, smoking tobacco and drinking tea or coffee. Natural ageing can also cause teeth to lose their whiteness over time and trauma to your teeth can also cause them to become discoloured. Because of the fact that many every day activities affect the whiteness of your teeth, it is also difficult to avoid some of these causes as the only way to avoid the discolouration that they cause is by avoiding them entirely. Should you be concerned about this discolouration then you can choose to carry out a tooth whitening procedure. This simple yet effective process is almost pain free and can counteract the effects of these substances without the need to eliminate them completely from every day use.

Why Might You Want Teeth Whitening?

As we have discussed, discolouration of your teeth may be affecting your confidence. This is arguably a big reason that many people carry out teeth whitening as they feel that they are not happy with their smile and they wish to change that. You may also have a special event to attend such as a wedding or photographic shoot. These events go well with teeth whitening, as the procedure can be carried out in preparation for the event. You may also wish to reverse all of the time of discolouration and staining and this can also be achieved by having your teeth whitened. You can reverse years of staining with a fast and simple procedure and this is a great way to reverse the effects of this discolouration.

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Best Teeth Whitening BristolHere at The Bristol Dental Practice , we offer a teeth whitening service utilising the Zoom! Teeth Whitening procedure. This tooth whitening procedure allows you to have your teeth whitened in just two visits to the practice, one initial consultation and then one procedure to have your teeth whitened. The Zoom! Teeth Whitening procedure consists of a gum guard being applied and a pH balanced hydrogen peroxide gel being applied to your teeth. This is then stimulated with a chair-side lamp which allows oxygen to enter the enamel to allow for the structure of your tooth to remain unchanged. This is also an almost pain free procedure which makes it a very patient friendly procedure. Our expert team also have many years experience in cosmetic dentistry and we pride ourselves on our commitment to caring for nervous patients.

Arranging a teeth whitening consultation can ensure that you receive the best teeth whitening procedure for your requirements. If you feel that you have a lack of confidence with your smile or have a big day ahead in which you want to have your teeth whitened then call our team today! If you are looking to enquire about the teeth whitening cost in Bristol or if you are looking for the best teeth whitening in Bristol then be sure to visit The Bristol Dental Practice today or telephone us on: 0117 910 5929 to arrange your initial consultation.