Cosmetic White Fillings in Bristol Discussed by The Bristol Dental Practice

cosmetic white fillings bristolCosmetic white fillings are implemented within cosmetic dentistry to offer an enhanced aesthetic in comparison to traditional fillings. This is due to the fact that these white fillings or dental composite resins can be coloured to look almost identical to the natural colouring of teeth. This serves to increase confidence with your filling as well as utilising a very strong material that will serve to further protect your tooth. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of white fillings, when they are required and the procedure in which they are administered. If you are interested in finding out more about this procedure or if you require white fillings in Bristol then call us on: 0117 910 5929 for a free consultation.

When Do You Need a Cosmetic White Filling?

White fillings are most often used to repair and enhance the current structure of a damaged or chipped tooth. Other uses of this type of filling are to offer a solution to gapped teeth and tooth and filling staining. They are also used to sometimes replace or enhance previous fillings. If you have damaged a tooth then it is recommended to consider a filling and a white filling is a short process and they are very strong and durable. As these are cosmetic they will not be able to resolve decay issues and they also will not be able to solve jaw issues such as overbites. Now that we have identified when you require a white filling, how is the process carried out?

The White Filling Procedure

The treatment is a fast and relatively painless procedure which does not require anaesthetic. The treatment starts with the removal of surface enamel so that we can determine the shape that will best fit your tooth. After this has been carried out, the bonding agent is applied to your tooth and the composite resin is then added. UV light is directed into the white filling and this is used to harden the composite resin. After this material has hardened; the white filling is polished and thus the filling is ready! The filling requires no further specific attention and upkeep after this procedure has been carried out but regular hygiene routine should be carried out regarding your new white filling.

Benefits of Cosmetic White Fillings

There are numerous benefits of deciding to have a white filling fitted, the most obvious is the aesthetic advantages that these fillings have to offer. These fillings will stay white a lot longer than regular teeth and are arguably easier to maintain. They are also as strong as your teeth therefore they will not be weaker than your natural teeth. They also serve to protect damaged teeth from further damage but bear in mind it is important to be careful when biting down on very hard substances such as ice to avoid cracking. All in all these advantages offer a filling that will offer protection to a damaged tooth as well as offering a whiter smile. Your smile will also not have any gaps that can be caused by cracks or chips in your teeth.

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If you are worried about chipped teeth or your teeth are damaged then we can provide you with a white filling to restore your smile. This is a procedure that is carried out in one visit and is carried out by one of our team of dental professionals. We have a wide range of experience in dental cosmetics and can offer advice in a kind and friendly environment. If you are interested in finding out more about the white filling procedure or if you require white fillings in Bristol then do not hesitate to give us a call on: 0117 910 5929 for a free consultation.