Dental Implant Procedure for Missing Teeth Discussed by The Bristol Dental Practice



dental implant procedure for missing teethHave you lost a tooth or teeth? Do you worry about smiling and eating in public? Do you find it difficult to chew your food? There is an effective solution available to you in Bristol; our dental implant procedure. Dental implants are small fittings inserted into the jawbone to hold crowns, bridges and dentures securely in place. The benefits of this treatment include natural-looking replacements for your missing teeth, as well as the prevention of any associated bone loss and that undesirable look which can come with tooth loss.

Dentistry through the ages

People have been fascinated with teeth and dentistry for thousands of years, often inventing novel practices for dealing with diseased teeth and bad breath. The Ancient Greek physician, Galen, who himself suffered badly from toothache, recommended that medicines made from castor should be introduced into the ears to soothe pains of the eyes and teeth. Another Classical writer, Celsus, enumerated several remedies for toothache made from wild plants including broom, ivy berries and the juice of the wild cucumber. Archaeologists have found replacement teeth made from human and animal teeth and carved bones and ivory. In the Middle Ages, sage and rosemary leaves were rubbed onto the teeth to sweeten the breath.

Where can I find out about dental implants in Bristol?

At the The Bristol Dental Practice in Bristol, dental implants are prepared using the most advanced modern technology. Your smile can be restored using a sophisticated 3D computer imaging process and the latest dental materials. It is possible to restore single or multiple teeth with dental implants. An initial consultation will give you the opportunity to discuss your requirements and the process with our professional team. After the assessment, X-rays, photographs and models of your mouth will allow your implant dentist (Dr Jonathan Cochrane) to tailor a personalised treatment plan for your dental implants. There is no substitute for professional dental support and it is important for your long term oral health that you fix any problems as they occur. Our dental implant procedure in Bristol is designed to give you peace of mind about your missing teeth. Please email us or call us for more information and to book an appointment. 


The clue is in the name. At the The Bristol Dental Practice in Bristol, dental implants are what we do and our dental implant procedure is designed to help you. Making you smile with confidence is our priority. Missing teeth can cause a considerable lack of confidence and our aim is to restore that to the best of our – substantial – ability.

We are one of the few dental practices in the country to have a dental implant qualified dentist. In Bristol, the The Bristol Dental Practice is very proud of our Dr Jonathan Cochrane, who is also a qualified sedation dentist. This means he is uniquely placed to understand your full medical history in relation to your dental health. We will fully inform you of every stage of your treatment and healing process – and there will be many opportunities to ask questions or address concerns.

Your implant system

Astra Tech EV – These implants speed up the healing process, using a specifically modified titanium surface called Osseospeed. A further benefit of Astra Tech EV is their use of Micro Thread, which is a system using tiny threads attached to the implant neck, giving optimal load distribution and stress values to the implant – meaning the implants are extra strong.

Are you nervous?

It is a common problem to be nervous of dental treatment – it is not something we do every day. People often put up with pain and discomfort unnecessarily for extended periods of time, until it becomes intolerable and a dental visit is a must. There are many reasons people get nervous – bad past experiences, needle phobias or sensitive teeth. At the The Bristol Dental Practice , we can provide IV sedation, wherein you will be fully relaxed for the whole of the treatment, experiencing no pain and remembering very little afterwards.

So, if you are interested our dental implant procedure in Bristol, come in and show us your teeth – let us tell you how we can make things better for you. Wave goodbye to daily discomfort and that self-conscious smile, and say hello to a happier you. Contact our friendly team today and book a dental appointment. We look forward to meeting you!