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Goodbye dentures, hello dental implants. Modern dentistry is leaving traditional dentures behind when it comes to dealing with missing teeth. At the The Bristol Dental Practice , dental implants are on offer to give you back a full set of pearly whites, without the hassles associated with dentures. We are here to offer you dental implants in Bristol

What makes dental implants better than dentures?

Dental implants are small titanium screws that fit into the jawbone to provide a secure base for replacement teeth to be attached. No more worrying about your replacement teeth slipping out of place when you bite into something chewy or tough. A single implant can hold several teeth, so dealing with multiple missing teeth is not a problem. With a natural look and feel, you may even forget you have a dental implant!

At the The Bristol Dental Practice , dental implants really are at the cutting edge of modern dentistry. Improved over decades, our dental implants use state-of-the-art technology from Dentsply. With Dentsply, your dental implants will be made using modified titanium that speeds up bone healing so your healing period will be as short as possible.

As for your personal patient journey, from the first consultation to the final treatment, we are with you every step of the way to explain exactly what is involved, with lots of time to answer your questions. Fitting of your implants is done under local anaesthetic but sedation is available for especially nervous patients. After a healing period, we’ll fit your natural looking replacement teeth and stay in touch with regular reviews to check how you and your dental implants are faring.

When are Dental Implants Suggested

When you have missing teeth, dental implants are a well renowned and accepted way of replacing these missing teeth. As these implants feel and look like natural teeth, they are a great way to replace teeth and make it seem as if your tooth or teeth have not been lost. As losing your teeth may impact on your confidence, dental implants may be suggested to improve your confidence and make you happy again with your smile. The presence of the implant ensures that the bone beneath the replaced tooth and this allows for the stimulation of the natural process of bone renewal. This is sometimes a more suitable replacement of a missing tooth in comparison to other methods.

When May You Need a Dental Implant

You may lose a tooth or teeth from a number of different issues or traumas. You may have missing teeth due to trauma or an accident that leads to the displacing of your tooth or teeth. You may also have lost a tooth or teeth naturally as well as due to a disease which has caused the loss of these teeth. In all of these situations, you may find that a dental implant is suggested to replace the missing teeth. This is becoming a more and more popular solution as the

Are Dental Implants Always Appropriate

As the process includes fitting small titanium screws into the jawbone, the jawbone must be structurally strong enough to support the fitting of this implant. This may mean that a dental implant is not appropriate if your jawbone cannot support the insertion of these small titanium screws. This will be assessed during your initial consultation and this will let you know if dental implants are appropriate. Do not worry if this solution is not the ideal treatment for you as there are a number of other ways to replace missing teeth which can be used instead of dental implants.

Dental Implants for Nervous Patients

If you are nervous about the dental implant procedure or you don’t want to experience the treatment when it is happening then conscious sedation is ideal for you. This will be discussed with you prior to undergoing any treatment and this will just become part of your treatment plan. This procedure can be administered in a number of different ways. At The Bristol Dental Practice , we prefer intravenous sedation as this is the most powerful and predictable method. This administers a drug via the back of your hand which will lead to you not being aware of your procedure being carried out. This will mean that you typically will not remember anything about the treatment and time will seem to pass very quickly. This ideal for patients that have a fear of the dentist from childhood, those who don’t want to be aware of the procedure when it is taking place as well as for longer procedures. This is because of the time-dilation effect of the sedative which makes it feel as if time is passing more quickly. This may be relevant for you when having a dental implant or dental implants and we will advise you on this when you arrange for your dental implant consultation and will discuss the options that are available with you.

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Dental Implants For Missing Teeth Bristol

Missing teeth may knock your confidence but they also bring on a host of dental health consequences, from degenerating bone to receding gums. So, don’t delay, contact the The Bristol Dental Practice – dental implants provided by our implant surgeon (Dr Jonathan Cochrane) can save you from poor dental health and bring a smile to your face. If you require dental implants in Bristol call: 01179 105 929