Dental Practice Teeth Whitening Versus Home Whitening Kits by The Bristol Dental Practice

Teeth Whitening is an extremely advantageous process, not only providing confidence when being proud of your smile but also making you feel good about your teeth. The two different styles of tooth whitening have their own advantages and disadvantages, the key is choosing and deciding which process is the one that fits you personally.

teeth whitening Dentist BristolSome people can find the ease of use of home whitening kits and the relaxed nature of the home environment better than the dentist however here at The Bristol Dentist, we pride ourselves in providing an extremely stress free, friendly and caring service. The Bristol Dental Practice  Zoom whitening in Bristol is the service offered and carried out by a dental professional and involves processes such as the Zoom! procedure in which hydrogen-peroxide gel is applied to teeth and consequently fired at with a UV light. Both of these procedures have their advantages and disadvantages, which process is right for you? Which process suits you better as an individual and which service can we help you with at The Bristol Dental Practice ? If you would like more advice on which process is best for you, feel free to contact us on 0117 911 5951

Teeth Whitening kits allow you to carry out the whitening process at your own leisure at home, Instead of attending 3 hourly ‘Chair Side’ sessions. They are a cheaper alternative to chair side whitening and do offer the ease of use at home. However they are not as effective as chair side techniques in terms of tooth whitening. One of the disadvantages of home whitening is that home kit gum shields often do not fit and cause the whitening agent to spill onto lips causing blistering and sensitivity. Our home whitening service initiates with a gum shield being created for you personally to ensure that this risk is eliminated. As aforementioned, some people can feel that the home environment is more relaxing than the dentist. This is fortunately not a disadvantage at The Bristol Dental Practice , as we pride ourselves in the care and support of nervous patients. Home whitening can be a very convenient and relaxing way to have your teeth whitened but what are the advantages of having a chair side whitening procedure such as our Zoom! procedure?

It is illegal for any company or person that is not listed with the General Dental Council to carry out dental whitening procedures. The fact that our professionals are registered with the GDC and are highly qualified ensures a level of professionalism and care within our Zoom! service. The main advantages of chair side whitening is that it is more effective, increasing teeth whiteness up to 3 shades whiter than the original colour before the treatment. Chair side whitening also lasts for a very long time lasting up to a maximum on average of 3 months from the time that the procedure takes place. Chair side whitening comes at an increase cost to home kits but this results in a whiter smile with (likely to be) longer lasting effectiveness. The relaxing atmosphere in our clinics makes this process much more therapeutic than process and we also can advise you on teeth sensitivity issues that can sometimes arise from teeth whitening.

There are many pros and cons to chair side whitening and home whitening and we strive to eliminate most of the cons of the procedure. It is a matter of choice as to which process suits you better as an individual. If you are interested in having a gum shield fitted and then carrying out your teeth whitening at home or if you are interested in having your teeth whitened by one of our in house professionals then do not hesitate to contact us at The Bristol Dental Practice for a teeth whitening appointment now. We very much maintain our mantra that everybody deserves a white smile that is as stress free as possible!