Full Arch Implants

Full arch implants completely restore function and aesthetics to patients who have lost all of their teeth in one or both arches, producing a life changing impact on their quality of life.

Strategic use of bone

Treatment is designed to make strategic use of the patient’s jawbone: implants are placed where there is enough bone to provide a secure foundation, and in cases where the patient has lost bone mass as a result of wearing dentures, because the jawbone naturally recedes when it is not supporting tooth roots, the fixtures may be placed at an angle to optimise the available bone.

Skilled craftmanship

Once the implant fixtures are in place the patient will be given temporary bridges to wear for a few months until the implants have fused with the bone and are ready to support the permanent bridges. These are made to a high quality with skilled craftsmanship by our supporting dental laboratories.

What happens in a consultation for full arch implants?

Patients will receive a lengthy assessment by an experienced implant surgeon who will listen to their concerns and build a clear picture of what they want to achieve. The clinician will review why the patient lost their teeth and show them examples of similar cases they have treated. The patient will leave having understood all the options and then be able to choose a detailed treatment plan that has been designed to meet their needs.

How to care for full arch implants

We advise patients to see a hygienist every three or six months for a thorough clean, and to attend annual or biannual check-ups with an experienced implant dentist. As with natural teeth, daily brushing and flossing is advised, and specific instructions will be provided by the hygienist. All implant patients are given a dental hygiene instruction appointment after treatment to make sure they are aware of how to look after their significant investment.

Benefits of full arch implants at The Bristol Dental Practice

  • restore full function and aesthetics after losing all natural teeth
  • eat anything, talk and feel confident again
  • over 7,500 implants placed
  • reverse the effects of tooth loss on oral health and appearance
  • treatment is led by Dr Jonathan Cochrane, a rising star in his field
  • conscious sedation is available for nervous patients
  • a painless and straightforward procedure, with predictable results
  • follow-up hygiene guidance to help implants last as long as natural teeth

If you are looking for a dental implants procedure in Bristol then contact The Bristol Dental Practice today to book your initial consultation.

Dr Jonathan Cochrane – Principal (GDC No: 228321)

BDS, MFGDP(UK), MFDS RCS, CertConSed, MSc (Dental Implantology), CertImpDent (DGZI)

  • Member of two Royal College of Surgeons; Edinburgh and England
  • Special interests in Dental Implants, Oral Surgery and Sedation


Dr Sherif Elbarbary – Specialist Prosthodontist (GDC No: 260014)

BDS, MFDS RCSEd, M Pros RCSEd (Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics), MJDF RCSEng

  • Specialist in Prosthodontics
  • Special interests in Dental Implants, Smile Makeovers (DSD) and Full Mouth Rehabilitation


Dr Devin Vaghela – Dentist (GDC No: 85948)

BDS, MFDS RCS, Cert. Adv Aesthetic Dentistry (UCL)

  • Member of The Royal College of Surgeons of England
  • Special interests in Aesthetic Dentistry, TMD and Dental Sleep Medicine

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