Using a Dental Professional for Teeth Whitening in Bristol Explained by The Bristol Dental Practice

Bristol DTeeth Whitening Bristolental Practice has an excellent team of dental professionals who are fully qualified to carry out teeth whitening and other cosmetic procedures in a lovely and friendly environment. Current affairs in cosmetic dentistry has seen several reported horror stories highlighting the dangers of receiving teeth whitening from untrained individuals who have not received full dental training and are therefore carrying out teeth whitening procedures illegally. It is essential when considering cosmetic dental work (especially in the case of tooth whitening) to ensure that the individual who is carrying out the procedure is a fully trained dentist and is registered with the GDC.

In this article, we will aim to inform you more about the teeth whitening procedure. You will discover more about the legalities of the teeth whitening procedure set up to protect you and the procedures that we carry out with our professional team. We strive to ensure a friendly and comfortable visit for our patients, giving you the best and most stress-free dental care and advice. If you have any questions regarding teeth whitening in Bristol, cosmetic dentistry or other queries about our services then do not hesitate to contact us today or call: 0117 910 5929

Cosmetic Dentistry & Teeth Whitening in Bristol

The teeth whitening process is a great way to inspire and increase confidence within yourself and to make you feel great about your teeth. Teeth can become stained due to a variety of different food and drink most notably wine and coffee as well as other actions such as smoking. This can lead to teeth becoming discoloured and a procedure that aims to brighten your smile and to remove stains that may dull the colour of your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is not only great for the appearance of your teeth, other procedures are also aimed to increase oral health and to fix other issues such as utilising fillings or crowns when teeth need to be repaired or removed. Our teeth whitening on average increases the shade of your teeth six shades brighter than it was before you decided to carry out the procedure! It is definitely a process worth considering if you want brighter and whiter teeth this summer!

The Legalities of Teeth Whitening as a Procedure

Teeth whitening procedures have several rules and regulations governing them. Only registered dentists, dental therapists, dental hygienists and clinical dental technicians can carry out this procedure and the individual carrying out the procedure must be registered with the GDC. This ensures that the teeth whitening process is carried out safely and professionally, giving you the peace of mind you need when having the procedure. If you have any further questions about the legalities of the teeth whitening procedure then do not hesitate to contact The Bristol Dental Practice today!

How The Teeth Whitening Procedure is Carried Out

Here at the The Bristol Dental Practice , we offer the Zoom! Tooth Whitening system to whiten your teeth. The procedure consists of a gel solution being added to your teeth after a short preparation process to gently isolate your lips and gums. This gel is activated using a specially designed UV light which serves to brighten your teeth. The whitening process is typically six times whiter but sometimes it can be even brighter than this! After a day you will see the full effects of the teeth whitening process and this is why the process is very exciting, as you can visibly see the changes that are happening to your teeth. The Zoom! Tooth Whitening treatment is scientifically formulated using pH balanced hydrogen peroxide gel that works by penetrating the surface layer of your teeth and thus removes the stains and discolourations that make your teeth lose their white appearance. This system is extremely effective and is a pain free process. Due to the fact that we make all of our processes and procedures as comfortable and stress-free as possible, you will be relaxed during your appointment and ecstatic with the results! If you are interested about finding out more about this procedure or if you are looking for teeth whitening in Bristol then do not hesitate to come and visit us now or call: 0117 910 5929