Have a look at some testimonials from our current happy patients:

“I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Dr Ali and staff at the The Bristol Dental Practice for helping me look after my teeth better!
I am really happy with the crowns that I had fitted earlier and very impressed with the friendly and professional service I get every time I visit the clinic.
I highly recommend this practice to anyone who wants to have a great smile!”

A. Ireland

“Dear Dr Reynolds,

I would like to thank you for a most successful outcome to the extensive phased dental enhancement work you completed for me this summer. The transformation has exceeded my expectations – I now smile and laugh with greater confidence.

Your professionalism, care to detail, and the manner in which you explained each step leading to the initial successful outcome gave me the confidence to proceed to the full range of work I then wished for.”

Best Wishes

Michael J Smith

“I started my treatment with the The Bristol Dental Practice in May 2012. The Inman Aligner was identified as possible treatment. Following two short sessions, during which imprints were taken of my teeth, I was fitted with my Inman Aligner.

The treatment involved having floss like strips put between my teeth to remove tiny, tiny slithers so that my teeth had room to move. This felt strange but was not particularly uncomfortable. This process was repeated at every fitting and by the end seemed like a very natural event.

The brace itself felt very uncomfortable for the first few days. I found that my brace had a few rough edges which were causing my mouth to become sore. I popped in the The Bristol Dental Practice to see Dr Ali on several occasions and she was able to smooth the brace down. I found that it particularly ached for a few days after each appointment. This pain was slightly annoying but was easily controlled with analgesics. It was not as bad as I had expected.

I was concerned about the brace affecting how I spoke; I talk for a living and was very conscious that I was lisping. The brilliant thing about the Inman Aligner was the ability to remove it if I felt it was necessary. Actually I became very used to having the brace and within a few weeks I felt confident enough to make important presentations with the brace in.

The brace soon became part of my life. Within a matter of days my family and partner were unable to tell whether I had the brace in or not. It is completely invisible.

It took around 5 months for my teeth to move into position. Not only do they look better but I can now floss between the teeth; something that even the hygienist couldn’t manage before. I stopped wearing the brace in September 2012 and now just wear a plastic retainer at night.

I would strongly recommend the Inman Aligner to anyone who needs their front teeth straightening. The difference in my teeth is remarkable and it only took 5-months. I saw Dr Ali and the other staff at the The Bristol Dental Practice on a monthly basis and they were all fantastic.”

Sarah Jennings (Inman Aligner)