Cosmetic Dental Crowns Bristol

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Cosmetic Dental Crowns Bristol Explained by The Bristol Dental Practice

Dental CrownDental crowns are the ideal way to repair a tooth or teeth that have become damaged either from accidental damage, decay or trauma. These crowns are artificial caps which are fitted over the prepared tooth in order to improve appearance and repair and protect teeth from further damage. Should you have a damaged tooth, you may be concerned about the aesthetic effect of the damage as well as the implications on your teeth due to this damage and crowns can give you the peace of mind that you may require. In this article, we will discuss the uses and applications of dental crowns as well as the procedure which will take place in order to fit a crown onto your damaged tooth or teeth. If you are concerned about a damaged tooth then look no further, here at The Bristol Dental Practice we have many years of experience in cosmetic dentistry. Our expert team are more than happy to recommend and apply a dental crown to your teeth. If you are looking for cosmetic dental crowns in Bristol or if you are looking for a dental crown in Bristol then come and visit The Bristol Dental Practice today or give us a call on: 01179 105 929.

When Are Dental Crowns Necessary

As we were discussing, a crown is an artificial cap which is fitted over a prepared tooth to restore its natural appearance and functions. Crowns can be used on damage which cannot be rectified by a filling as they are a larger and more solid cap that is placed over the affected tooth. Dental crowns can be used to restore the appearance of a crooked or misshapen teeth as well as allowing you to replace large fillings. This is due to the fact that the cap is added onto the tooth which is pre-prepared meaning that you can enhance the appearance of crooked teeth. There are a variety of materials available and we also offer aesthetic metal-free and gold crowns involving only two visits to the practice. Reconstructing damaged teeth is more of a preventative procedure (to prevent further damage) as well as a cosmetic procedure. Damaged teeth can further wear away once they are damaged and it can be uncomfortable or difficult to eat with a damaged tooth. Crowns allow you to eat more comfortably as well as make it appear as if your tooth is undamaged.

How is a Dental Crown Added to the Tooth?

Dental crowns are added to a prepared tooth and this preparation involves removing a layer of the outer surface of the affected tooth. Once the crown is prepared and ready to be applied to your tooth then it is fixed in place via bonding which holds the crown in place. Once this has been fitted then your crown is now ready and this crown now matches the colour of your teeth!

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Cosmetic Dental Crowns BristolShould you have damaged teeth or crooked and misshapen teeth then dental crowns may most likely be the solution for you. This procedure is used for when damaged teeth cannot be repaired using ordinary filling materials and should you feel that you may require a dental crown, our team of dental professionals are more than happy to assist you. Here at The Bristol Dental Practice , we have been well established in Bristol for many years. We also pride ourselves on our commitment for caring to nervous patients in our warm and friendly environment. If you feel that you need a dental procedure to repair damaged or misshapen teeth then come and visit our dental practice today! If you feel that you may require a cosmetic dental crown in Bristol or if you are looking for a cosmetic dental crown in Bristol then telephone us today on:  01179 105 929 to arrange your initial consultation.

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