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Finding a Dentist in Bristol Discussed by The Bristol Dental Practice

Dentist BristolWhen searching for a dentist, you are likely considering which procedures you may need as well as looking for an ideal dental practice. You may be confused or concerned about finding the right practice for you. Here at the The Bristol Dental Practice , we have been well established in Bristol for many years and have provided a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures to our patients. In this article, we will discuss the cosmetic dental procedures that we have to offer as well as how we can organise a consultation for you to ensure that you can have the dental procedure that you require. If you are looking for a dentist in Bristol or a dentist near me in Bristol then visit the The Bristol Dental Practice today or call us now on: 01179 105 929

Dental Consultation in Bristol

Should you require a general consolation then our team are more than happy to help you. Whether you require a cosmetic consultation up or hygienist; we can provide this for you. Our team of 3 fully qualified hygienists are available to offer advice, help you in supporting your oral health and to screen you for gum disease. Your hygienist is also a valuable source of information on home care dental products which allows you to maintain your dental health until your next hygienist appointment. Our cosmetic consultations allow you to restore any issues that you may have with your smile or teeth. Should you have missing teeth, discolouration or mismatched teeth then we can offer you a cosmetic procedure. This allows you to restore your confidence and safeguard your teeth from further damage should they be damaged.

Teeth Whitening

If you’re looking for a bright, white smile then Zoom! Teeth whitening is the procedure for you. This ingenious system utilises a hydrogen peroxide gel which is applied to your teeth whilst your lips and gums are isolated by a sort of mouth guard. Then a specifically designed light is fired onto your teeth which allows the light to penetrate your teeth and remove discolouration. This typically results in your teeth becoming 6 shades whiter and this can increase over the coming days. Teeth whitening is perfect for a special occasions or if you are suffering from the discolouration of your teeth, which could be affecting your confidence.

Veneers in Bristol – Cosmetic Restoration

Veneers consist of a very thin shell of porcelain that is permanently bonded to the surface of your tooth. This is for cosmetic reasons as it can be used to restore a chipped, broken or discoloured tooth. These veneers can even be used to improve crooked and miss-aligned teeth or gaps. The new veneer feels as if it is your natural tooth and this treatment only takes 2 visits. These veneers can also be used in conjunction with teeth whitening to restore your smile.

Further Cosmetic Procedures

The September 2017 edition of our dentist blog looks into the other cosmetic procedures that you may be considering.

The Best Dentist BristolThere’s a variety of cosmetic procedures that are available to help you with a wide range of issues with your teeth. These cosmetic procedures are designed to help with damaged or crooked teeth and can be used to rectify these problems. For damaged teeth we have already discussed the possibility of having a veneer attached to your tooth to mimic it’s appearance. A veneer looks and feels like a real tooth and is often unrecognisable when compared to other teeth. Crowns are another cosmetic procedure that can be used to repair teeth or improve their appearance. A crown is an artificial cap fitted over your tooth after the tooth has been prepared for the procedure. Furthermore, these crowns can be used for aesthetics such as replacing a previous filling. To replace a missing tooth or teeth, there are various cosmetic procedures that can be followed to rectify this. Each have their own benefits and are better for different dental situations. Bridges involve crowns placed on teeth each side of a gap which thus fits the replacement tooth. You can also look to have an adhesive bridge which require less preparation. These bridges however are not suitable for some areas of the mouth. Dentures can be used as replacement teeth and can be either metal or plastic. A more permanent solution for missing teeth is having a dental implant. This is the most advanced method of replacing teeth and is often used for teeth that have been knocked out.

Teeth Straightening & Brace Procedures

Should you be looking to straighten teeth or align misaligned teeth then there are a series of invisible braces that are able to help you. Many feel put off by having their teeth corrected as metal train-track braces are a more permanent and painful process. These braces cannot be taken off whereas invisible braces can be taken out when you need to eat. Should you be concerned about having to change your lifestyle when using braces then invisible or clear braces are the solution for you. These braces are also barely noticeable which ensures that you can be confident in your smile whilst wearing braces. Oral health can also be improved in comparison to using a more traditional brace. You are easily able to take out your invisible brace to carry out dental hygiene at home and then place your brace back in to continue the movement of your teeth. Although you may be considering straightening your teeth for the cosmetic benefits, there are also health benefits associated with having straight teeth. Teeth are in essence, easier to clean when they are in alignment and flossing is easier with straightened teeth. Should you be considering ways in which you can correct your teeth without having to use a traditional brace then a clear brace is a sensible consideration.

The Implications and Uses of Dental Implants

The October 2017 edition of our dentist blog investigates how dental implants can be used as a replacement for missing or damaged teeth.

Local Dentist BristolA permanent solution to a missing tooth or teeth, dental implants have revolutionised the way in which missing teeth can be rectified. Offering a solution to dentures and an accompaniment to bridges, a dental implant is ideal for a wide range of patients. Dental implants are titanium posts that are akin to a tooth root which is surgically positioned into your jawbone. This allows for a bridge or replacement tooth to be mounted into the required area and these types of implants will not become loose which is a risk that a denture may pose. Dental implants require healthy gums and enough bone to support the implant. Dental implants can be used for a variety of situations, including teeth that have become damaged and have been removed, lost teeth or teeth that have been lost due to an accident or trauma. These implants offer solutions to many situations in which you may have lost a tooth or teeth. Dental implants offer a permanent solution to missing teeth as well as preserving the health of your mouth, gums, and teeth which can become damaged from missing teeth. There are also implications with confidence that can be caused when you have suffered a missing tooth. Missing teeth can cause a whole host of issues so what are these issues and how can these be rectified by utilising dental implants?

Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

As discussed, there are various reasons as to why it’s very important to replace missing teeth. Missing teeth affect the look or aesthetic of your face as the skin around your mouth will not be supported properly. Eating food and other regular activities can be painful if you have a missing tooth as the roots can be exposed and are therefore very sensitive. Dental implants can return eating and other activities to normal by protecting the roots that may be exposed. Missing teeth can affect the appearance of your smile and can, therefore, affect your confidence. Dental implants are an ideal solution to complete your smile by utilising a replacement tooth. These cosmetic and health implications are why it’s important to consider having a dental implant or implants procedure should you have missing teeth. Missing teeth can cause cosmetic impacts to your face and gums as well as health implications should they not be replaced. Whether you are concerned about the cosmetic or the health implications of missing teeth it is highly recommended to consider or arrange to have treatment carried out. Failure to do so may lead to further health implications as well as lasting cosmetic concerns. The Bristol Dental Practice offers a dental implant procedure that will protect the roots of the missing teeth as well as amending any cosmetic concerns that you may have. Contact our team today to arrange your initial consultation to assess your suitability for dental implants. Should you not be suitable then our friendly, professional team are more than happy to offer you an alternative treatment where appropriate.

The Importance of Visiting the Dentist

The November 2017 edition of blog looks into why it’s important to visit the dentist and why you shouldn’t put off regular check-ups.

Best Dentist BristolRegular check-ups at the dentist are very important due to the fact that you can ensure that your teeth are healthy. Although there are certain dental issues that are apparent, not all issues can be identified by just checking at home. It’s important to have regular check ups to ensure that there aren’t any underlying problems with your teeth. Visiting the dentist can also allow you to arrange to see a hygienist should you require polishing or further advice on oral hygiene. Gum disease is also the sixth most prevalent disease for mankind which emphasises the problems that gum disease can pose. Visiting a hygienist allows you to have checks for gum disease as a hygienist can remove debris, check for disease and help you to maintain a polished white smile. Lifestyle habits are different for each individual and there are certain bad habits for teeth. Drinking red wine, coffee, smoking cigarettes can discolour your teeth over time. Smoking has negative impacts on your mouth as well as causing diseases such as mouth cancer. Grinding your teeth and chewing ice are examples of actions that can damage your teeth over time. Although it may not be evident that these actions are causing a negative impact, your dentist can assess whether these lifestyle choices are affecting your teeth and if you need to make changes to your lifestyle choices.

A Closer Look At Your Teeth

Apart from checking for physical issues that can be observed, your dentist can also have a look at your teeth in a different light – via the use of X-rays. X-ray images allow your dentist to have a look at your teeth as well as your jaw bone and other areas that are impossible to view with the naked eye. X-rays can also be used to assess the damage caused by trauma to your teeth as well as finding issues that need to be acted on quickly. Wisdom teeth are also sometimes an issue if they do not have enough space to grow in the gums. They can also push other teeth out of place and can cause crowding. The development of these teeth can be detected by using an X-ray and an assessment can be made as to the potential impact that these wisdom teeth may have on your other teeth and gums. Diseases that show little to no symptoms can also be diagnosed and detected via the use of X-rays. This is why it’s very important to regularly have a dental check-up. You may not be aware of potential issues with your teeth or an unseen issue may be developing that needs to be rectified. Having regular check ups also gives you the peace of mind that your teeth are healthy and that you can take action against regular occurrences that can damage your teeth.

Visiting the Dentist for Misaligned Teeth

Dentist Consultancy Bristol

The October 2018 edition of our dentist blog looks at visiting the dentist if you have misaligned or crowded teeth.

Another issue that many suffer from and an issue that can effect their confidence is misaligned or crowded teeth. Although more conventional styles of correcting misaligned teeth can be off-putting for some, there are new, modern and innovative solutions to straighten or correct misaligned teeth. At The Bristol Dental Practice , we offer a range of modernised treatments that move away from the more traditional train-track braces. Train-track braces tend to be unpopular to people with issues with their teeth because of the fact that they are fixed and can be very painful. The adjustment process of the braces tends to tighten the braces on the teeth whereas with treatments such as Inman Aligners and Clear Smile Invisible Braces, you can take out the braces when you do not want to wear them.

This could be when eating or sleeping for example. Train-track braces tend to make you have to make serious lifestyle changes also as they can be difficult to clean and certain foods may damage the brace (hard sweets, chewing gum etc.) Inman Aligners and Clear Smile Invisible Braces do not need a drastic change in your lifestyle as the devices can be removed when you want to eat or brush your teeth. It’s therefore easier to take care of your teeth with these treatments. It’s important to note however that some conditions with your teeth may have to utilise more traditional style braces but arranging for an initial consultation can reveal if Inman Aligners and Clear Smile Invisible Braces are ideally suited to your situation and requirements.

Inman Aligners & Clear Smile Invisible Braces

Inman Aligners offer beautiful straight teeth without the hassle or cost of other orthodontic systems. This treatment is the perfect solution for crowded or protrusion of teeth offering great value compared to other orthodontic systems. Your teeth can be gently guided in a matter of weeks with most cases being completed in 6-16 weeks. As discussed this is a pain-free procedure and is better suited for those who don’t want to have a fixed system that they cannot remove.

Clear smile invisible braces are the ideal system for those who don’t want to wear noticeable metal braces. Clear aligners show off your smile rather than obstruct it and are clear so most people won’t even notice that you’re wearing them! As this is one of the main concerns when having to use a more traditional brace, this solves this issue. Clear Smile Braces also offer a faster solution to straightening your teeth and the treatment is pain-free in comparison to other more traditional methods which are painful.

Visiting the dentist can ensure that your requirements can be assessed and the relevant treatment that is best for you can be advised. Whether you are looking to correct your smile or misaligned teeth, these invisible systems can be highly beneficial especially in comparison to more traditional systems. If you feel that a dentist can help you with this then ensure you arrange your initial consultation with The Bristol Dental Practice today.

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Dentist Near Me BristolShould you be looking for a dentist in Bristol then look no further. Here at the The Bristol Dental Practice , we have provided our patients with cosmetic dental procedures for many years. We pride ourselves on the commitment that we have to nervous patients and our practice has a very friendly and inviting environment. Our team are highly qualified and experienced and are readily available to restore your smile and restore your confidence. Should you be looking for a cosmetic procedure then look no further. If you require a Bristol dentist or if you are looking for a dentist near me in Bristol then ensure that you visit the The Bristol Dental Practice today or call us now on: 01179 105 929

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