Foods That Prevent Tooth Decay

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Eat The Foods You Love While Preventing Tooth Decay

Eat the food you love while preventing tooth decay


Having a sweet tooth can feel like the worst thing ever when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy. The food we eat plays an important part in oral hygiene. while we know some foods can cause harm to your teeth but there are some which include nutrients and other ingredients which will keep your teeth strong and sparkling clean. Use this healthy food list to keep in mind next time you’re preparing a meal.


Dairy Products


Plain yoghurt is full of nutrients to maintain a healthy mouth and stomach. It contains lots of calcium and vitamin D which together will help build up tooth enamel. Milk helps to bring up the pH level which your mouth loses while eating sugary treats. It weakens the acidity levels and strengthens teeth. Cheese also has high pH levels which lead to an increase in calcium and saliva which then hardens enamel suggesting they have anti-cavity properties.


Fruit and Vegetables


Oranges contain vitamin C which is known to strengthen blood vessels which will ultimately slow down the progression of gum disease. Garlic has antibacterial benefits such as allicin which makes garlic antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial! Garlic also helps to fight oral flora imbalance by controlling the bacteria that cause dental disease, cavities and gum disease. Garlic includes prebiotic fibre which helps your guts health which will ultimately lead to healthy teeth and gums. Asparagus works in the same way in regards to controlling the bad bacteria which causes cavities.


Mediterranean lemon garlic and asparagus




Calcium protects your teeth and gums from disease but to absorb all that calcium you need some vitamin D in your diet too. Salmon is a fatty fish which makes it an amazing source of vitamin D. This allows your teeth to get all the benefits of calcium. A supplement of vitamin D daily is also a brilliant way of introducing it into your diet.


Easy honey garlic salmon




Sugar-free gum is made with xylitol and because of this has always been recommended to help prevent cavities. Xylitol prevents bacteria from tooth decay from growing and metabolizes to produce acid. Xylitol can also be found in sugar-free sweets which can also help prevent tooth decay.




Green and black tea contains polyphenols which kill or can prevent the development of the bacteria which causes plaque. The polyphenols have cavity-fighting properties. Tea is a brilliant beverage after a meal as it helps keep acid at bay which ultimately produces bacteria in your mouth.


Water can also help! Your saliva is made up of mostly water however if you’re dehydrated this can cause your saliva to thicken. Saliva needs a high water supply to breakdown food and bacteria. If you are dehydrated your mouth with produce a lot more saliva to accommodate for the loss. Whereas drinking water isn’t as good as brushing or flossing, drinking water can reduce plaque by rinsing away debris. If you drink water after a tea or coffee this can help to reduce staining too.




Salami contains a not very well know vitamin called K2 and is very necessary for oral health. The vitamin helps fight against bacteria and heals teeth from the inside out, preventing tooth decay. Other foods which include vitamin K2 include egg yolks and butter.


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