Ideas To Help Children Enjoy Brushing Their Teeth

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Brilliant Ideas To Help Children Enjoy Brushing Their Teeth


Brushing Teeth With Children


It can be a battle to get your child to bed, let alone the added struggle of teaching them to brush their teeth. A child learns something new every day either about the world or about themselves. One of the most important life lessons for a child is oral hygiene, but to some children brushing their teeth is a chore.

I mean who wants to stand around for two minutes when there is more fun to be had elsewhere? We have found some parenting techniques that may work to help make brushing your teeth fun and to help your child grow up with a bright and healthy smile. If you would like more information on keeping your children’s teeth healthy please feel free to contact us on our website today.


Brushing Baby Teeth


Brushing you babies teeth is imperative. The development of cavities in baby teeth can actually affect their teeth when they are adults. If babies teeth aren’t properly cared for it could potentially run the risk of the adult teeth growing out of alignment. The way your babies teeth grow could actually determine your babies face shape as an adult too. If babies teeth don’t grow straight, braces will have to be used to fix the teeth. If the child’s teeth are looked after from a young age it means a healthy mouth as an adult.




After a long day at work or a nice relaxing day on holiday don’t be tempted to let your child miss out on brushing their teeth. It may seem hard at the start but keep going, it will be worth it. The more your child brushes their teeth the easier it will become to fit it into your child’s daily life and their routine. Eventually, it will become second nature to them and you might not even have to intervene at all.


Let Them Decide


Taking your child shopping to chose their own toothbrush and toothpaste is exciting! Loads of children’s toothbrushes are full of wonderful colours and fun patterns. In addition, the toothpaste comes in lots of different flavours such as bubble gum, fruit flavoured, and even ice cream flavoured. Your child will be excited to go home and try out their brand new toothbrush and toothpaste. You could also buy a range of flavours to let your child choose a new flavour every time they brush so it doesn’t become boring.


Setting an Example


Children like to mimic other people, so why don’t you show them how it’s done. Brushing your teeth as a family is a brilliant way to help and guide your children to remove food debris from their teeth. This also sets a really good example as your child doesn’t feel as though they are completing the task on their own and it becomes less like a chore.




Tooth Brushing Chart


A rewards system is a great way to motivate your child to brush their teeth. Make or download a sticker chart and add one every time your child brushes their teeth. Making your child feel proud of themselves is very rewarding not only to them but to you too. At the end of a successful week, you could allow your child to pick an activity for the weekend or allow them to choose their favourite meal for dinner.




Time to get creative! Tell your child about the Tooth fairy and how every time she brushes her teeth she gets magic powers to fight cavity monsters. The story can literally be anything, children have a huge imagination and could even help you finish the story. The key is to inspire your child and keep them excited about brushing their teeth.




Making up fun games with your children when it’s time to brush their teeth is such a good way to keep energy levels up! You could buy your child a small toy to look after the same way they look after themselves. Teddy and your child could brush their teeth together. You could also make it into a race, who can brush their teeth the best in two minutes? Ready set go…


The Dentist isn’t Scary


We know that sometimes the dentist can be a scary place for children and can fill them with anxiety. Almost 20% of children are scared to go to the dentist, so your child is not alone. You can prepare your child for the dentist chair by pre-warning them about the visit, telling them as early as you can mean you can battle through any anxiety early on, answer questions and help them through any worries they may have.

Have their favourite toy ready to take with them as it could be a good distraction for them. Engage with your child during the visit make them feel as comfortable as possible and use compliments and praise them when they are doing well.

You could also integrate going to the dentist slowly into their lives by playing “Dentist” at home. You could also read them dental story books which can familiarise the whole process to them slowly and in a fun-filled way. Your Dentist will know what they are doing and will also help in any way that they can to make your child feel comfortable and relaxed.


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Children Brushing Teeth


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