Keeping Your Teeth White in 2019

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Keeping Your Teeth White in 2019 Discussed by The Bristol Dental Practice

Teeth Whitening

What’s your New Year’s resolution for 2019? Although the whiteness of your teeth may not be on the forefront of your potential resolutions, it’s a great time to consider the overall health of your teeth and maintaining teeth whiteness in 2019. We have compiled a range of ways to keep your teeth white and healthy during 2019 whether this is through treatments at the dentist to general tips whilst you are at home to keep your teeth pearly white! If you are looking for more information on keeping your teeth white or if you are looking for teeth whitening then enquire with The Bristol Dental Practice using a contact form on our website or telephone our team of cosmetic dentists today on: 01179 105 929

Kicking Cigarettes and Smoking

One of the more common New Year’s resolutions is to give up smoking. Although you may have thought about this from the health benefits associated with your lungs, smoking also causes a wide range of issues with your teeth. Smoking can lead to the staining of your teeth, tooth loss and mouth cancer in severe cases. The nicotine and tar that is present within tobacco stains teeth which can make your teeth yellow in a short period of time.

Heavy smokers may even see their teeth turn brown after years of smoking. Gum disease is also attributed to smoking as plaque is more likely to be produced as a result of smoking cigarettes. Due to the fact that smoking causes a lack of oxygen in the bloodstream, infected gums also don’t heal and this is what could eventually lead to tooth loss. If we consider the average price of a packet of 20 cigarettes to be around £10 at a pack a day you could be spending £3650 on an activity that is harmful to your health.

A good way to consider quitting smoking is to talk to your dentist, try the various nicotine replacement products such as nicotine gum, speak to your GP or to try and stop yourself entirely. Not only is smoking a health risk, you could be preventing your white smile by smoking so considering this change in lifestyle choice is a sensible consideration.

Avoiding Substances That Also Cause Discolouration

If you have had one too many sweets or glasses of red wine during the Christmas period then this may be a consideration that can help you maintain your pearly whites. There are certain foods and substances that contain chemicals that will discolour your teeth. Coffee, red wine and fizzy drinks are the most common offenders with other less known foods or drinks that can discolour your teeth including dark juices, balsamic vinegar, tomato and soy sauce. You can of course eat or drink these substances in moderation but if you have an excessive amount of these substances in your diet then it may be a great idea to consider cutting down on these to keep your teeth white during 2019.

Going Through With a Teeth Whitening Procedure

As discussed in our ‘Get Your New Smile for the New Year’ article, teeth whitening is a great way to keep your teeth white in 2019. Our Zoom! Teeth whitening system which we utilise uses hydrogen peroxide gel and a specialist Zoom! Light. This light is then used to penetrate deep stains and discolouration in your teeth. Although you may think that teeth whitening is only appropriate for special occasions, the truth is that you can use teeth whitening to improve the whiteness of your teeth. The Zoom! Teeth whitening system for example can leave teeth 6 shades whiter, sometimes more after treatment.

Ensuring the Full Effectiveness of Teeth Whitening

It’s important to maintain the healthiness of your teeth after teeth whitening. Along with the lifestyle changes that we discussed earlier, it’s also important to stay away from highly acidic food and drink as this can damage your teeth. Your teeth may become more porous and sensitive after the teeth whitening procedure so they can be particularly susceptible to acid damage. Regular cleaning of your teeth (twice a day) is important and you can also purchase teeth whitening top up kits which will allow you to maintain the whiteness of your teeth after the teeth whitening procedure.

Maintain the Whiteness of Your Teeth in 2019 With The Bristol Dental Practice

Keeping Your Teeth White in 2019

If you do have any additional questions around maintaining the whiteness of your teeth in 2019 then enquire with the friendly team at The Bristol Dental Practice today. We can advise you on the steps that you can take to maintain teeth whiteness and can advise you further on the teeth whitening procedure. Enquire today using an online contact form on our website or telephone now on: 01179 105 929 to find out more.