Overcoming Your Fear of the Dentist

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Overcoming Your Fear of the Dentist Discussed by The Bristol Dental Practice

Overcoming Fear of the Dentist

Although there have been huge advances in dental technology as well as the treatments that are available, a major issue for many patients is a fear of the dentist. 1 in 4 adults in the UK are thought to have a fear of the dentist with an estimated 16% having dental phobia. This is a large amount of people having a fear of the dentist and one of the main symptoms of dental anxiety or dental phobia is not visiting the dentist.

Over time, issues that could have been prevented with a regular checkup may appear and this makes your dental care become reactionary rather than preventative. This results in issues being treated when they appear rather than being prevented and this could be very serious if you develop a more serious dental issue.

Many dental practices have changed their policies and practises to cater for nervous patients and patients that dislike visiting the dentist. At The Bristol Dental Practice , we pride ourselves on our commitment to making a comfortable and friendly environment for nervous patients. In this blog, we take a look at the fear of the dentist and how you can take steps over come dental phobia or dental anxiety. For more information on overcoming your fear of the dentist, enquire online using a contact form on our website or telephone one of our friendly team now on: 01179 105 929

Understanding Your Fear of the Dentist

A fear of the dentist most likely is from childhood or from a bad experience at the dentist in the past. Although dental practices have changed and become highly modernised, many still harbour their fear of the dentist from older style dental practices with loud drills, clinical corridors and bright lights. Expect your modern dental practice to include a relaxing reception area, friendly staff and helpful dentists who will take your fears and concerns into consideration. It’s important to bear in mind if you have not visited the dentist that the modern practice is very different, with many practices understanding that you may be anxious about your visit to the dentist.

Steps to Combat Dental Anxiety & Dental Phobia

Visiting a dentist is a great way to get the conversation started about your dental phobia or dental anxiety. Don’t worry about being honest and forthcoming about your dental anxiety or dental phobia, remember that there are a lot of patients who feel the same way and have put off visiting the dentist. You can visit the dental practice before you have booked an appointment to get a familiarity with the dental practice and the staff that are working there. A checkup will also not involve drilling or other procedures so you can get comfortable in the practice with your checkup and not have to worry about going through any procedures. One other way that you can be reassured is by bringing a friend or family member to your appointment. They can support you and help you feel more relaxed during your check-up or dental treatment. Sedation is another modern solution that you can use if you are extremely nervous about visiting the dentist. This sedation allows you to relax and not feel the procedure whilst remaining conscious. You will also have amnesia after the procedure and time will appear to move much more quickly whilst sedated.

Arrange Your Dental Check-up Today

Fear of the Dentist

A great way to begin to take steps to helping with your dental anxiety & dental phobia is to arrange for a dental check-up. As mentioned, this won’t involve drilling or other procedures and allows you to meet your dentist and become comfortable in the practice. If you are or have prolonged dental care or a check-up because of your fear of the dentist then it’s very important to arrange for a consultation or check-up. Although your teeth may seem to be normal, there are underlying problems that could be developing that can only be identified with a check-up (as x-rays can be used to take a closer look.) Modern dental practices sympathise greatly with patients that fear visiting the dentist and are committed to making sure that your teeth are healthy. Visiting a dental practice that understands your needs is the best way to take steps to overcoming your fear of the dentist as you can work closely with your dentist to create an environment that is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. There are also a range of additional procedures that can be used such as conscious sedation. The Bristol Dental Practice has many years of experience in looking after and supporting nervous patients. If you have any further questions about overcoming dental anxiety or a dental phobia or if you want more advice on overcoming your fear of the dentist then enquire with The Bristol Dental Practice using a contact form on our website or telephone our friendly team now on: 01179 105 929

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