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Same Day Teeth

‘Same-Day-Teeth’, ‘Teeth-in-a-Day’, ‘Smile-in-a-Day’, and ‘All-on-4’ are all similar phrases for the same  procedure that we can provide at Bristol Dental Practice. It is a truly life changing experience for our patients.

Principal implant surgeon Dr Jonathan Cochrane is an expert in providing this treatment. We provide in-house imaging, a close relationship with our dental laboratories, and an extraordinary range of dental implants and components, making it easy for us to provide teeth on the same day as your implant surgery!

Surgical treatment to place the dental implants can take place in as little as 60 minutes, your new teeth will then usually be available either immediately or within a few hours, and very few patients are turned away through lack of bone.


Step 1: Planning


The first step in this process is meticulous planning. This may be quick and straightforward if appearance and function is attractive and effective, or may take a little more preparation and time if significant changes to appearance or improvements in function are required. We will usually take some clinical photos and impressions of your existing teeth to give us a starting point to work from.


Step 2: Surgery


Upon your next visit your implant placement will take place, this can be conducted often at the same time as removing your remaining (failing) teeth. If you are nervous, our implant surgeon Dr Jonathan Cochrane can provide conscious sedation for you so that you will feel much more comfortable during the surgery phase of your treatment.

Four to eight dental implants may be used per jaw (depending on how much bone is available) to support a fixed bridge replacing 10 to 12 teeth . It may be presented as a ‘new’ technique but this treatment has actually been successfully provided for many years.

The procedure usually consists of 2 – 3 implants that are positioned towards the front of the jaw. We then place another 2 – 3 implants at the back of the jaw, tilted to avoid the sinus in the upper jaw and tilted to avoid the nerve supply that gives sensation to the lips in the lower jaw. This technique is extremely useful where there is only a small amount of residual bone remaining, and often eliminates the need to carry out additional complex bone grafting surgery.


Step 3: Restoration


Later in the day a simple ‘immediate’ acrylic resin bridge is fitted, made by our dental laboratory from preparatory work conducted at previous appointments. This provisional acrylic bridge is then replaced with a more robust porcelain and metal bridge six months later once the implants have integrated fully into the jawbone.

Bristol Cost of Dental Implants

A fixed bridge replacing all the teeth in the upper jaw (on either 6 or 4 implants)


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At Bristol Dental Practice this is a straightforward, and predictable procedure, even for older patients, or for patients with very little bone remaining; often bone grafting is seldom required.

Our standard approach is to place the implants through a single visit in one surgery. This treatment can be made even more comfortable by receiving conscious sedation.

We will prepare many aspects of your treatment in advance, so that even complex surgery can often be completed in just 60 minutes or so, as your dental implants are quickly and precisely positioned.

As always, long term maintenance is exceptionally important! Maintenance and ongoing hygiene care is of great importance. Our dental hygienists are very experienced in the care of implant restorations and implant patients; this is an important ongoing commitment to maintain good dental and implant health.



Dr Jonathan Cochrane – Principal (GDC No: 228321)

BDS, MFGDP(UK), MFDS RCS, CertConSed, MSc (Dental Implantology), CertImpDent (DGZI)

  • Member of two Royal College of Surgeons; Edinburgh and England
  • Special interests in Dental Implants, Oral Surgery and Sedation

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